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MaryLou shows you how to restore your feeling of being free and at peace, whenever you need to. She has a gift for helping people to live happier and more peaceful lives.

-David Hooker

MaryLou Westenhoefer is an excellent teacher and certainly knows how to make meditation easy for any student that is interested in learning this useful skill. I learned meditation from MaryLou and found it to be a great help in my life. Meditation with MaryLou will teach control, relaxation and piece of mind.

-Meagan Filmore


Are you feeling stressed?
Do you need help relaxing?
Are you tired but unable to sleep?
Do you feel edgy and anxious?
Are you ready to change your life for the better?

Is this possible?

The answer is yes!

Meditation is considered to be useful in mainstream medicine and many hospitals and clinics use this method of therapy with great success.

Scientific evidence suggests that meditation is particularly helpful in treating anxiety-related disorders and in reducing systems of anxiety triggered by stress.

Meditation is all about sitting quietly and learning to welcome the silence, which helps you achieve peace and calmness.

MaryLou’s Guided Meditations are an exceptionally effective way to lead you to a state of relaxation.

MaryLou’s intention is to teach everyone young and old to relax.