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Catie, my 12 yr old loves the children's meditation. She and her best friend do it quite often during play dates and often I hear it during the night if she can't sleep. Catie says, when I asked her what she likes about the CD, 'It makes me feel calm and relaxed and confident. I like it and it especially helps me when I can't sleep. I just put it on and listen and I calm down and am able to get to sleep.' I think it has helped her feel more confident and especially when she does it with friends. I feel like she is able to teach them a new skill that they will be able to use for a lifetime. Catie doesn't get to lead often with friends, so when she does, it's amazing! I wish I had been introduced to mediation when I was a child! It would have helped me immensely. Catie is super sensitive and a we often call her an 'old soul'. This is something she can do and nobody judges her or says that she doesn't do it the right way. It is wonderful! Thank you again for making this CD Marylou - It's a hit in our house!

-Cathy Hunter, Whitby

So sorry that it's taken so long to let you know what a help your mediation Cd's have been. I love the one for adults; it's so relaxing and peaceful. I have introduced my sister to meditation by letting her borrow my copy to see what she thinks. She loves it, and it has helped her tremendously as she has a ton of work related stress.

-Debbie, Port Perry

I have tell you that my friend Denise thinks you are the most amazing person she has met and listens to her CD nightly and gets to sleep better than any medication. Thanks for making her so happy. She has been thru hard times and needed what you gave her.

-Joan Shaubal, Colburg ON

Meditation Cd’s

Adult Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Inner Healing

MaryLou’s soothing voice leads you on a journey toward peace and balance. Allow your body, mind and soul to welcome relaxation and promote healing. The Guided Meditation for Relaxation and Inner Healing CD consists of three tracks: Music and words, Music only, and Words only.

Meditation Sample

Price: $9.95 CAD

Children’s Guided Meditation

MaryLou has created this meditation CD not only for children under the age of twelve but for the child within all of us.

The Children’s Guided Meditation CD consists of three meditations that encourage focus and concentration: Beach Holiday, Cool Talk, and Nature Trail. Each meditation creates a restful and calming effect.

Beach Holiday Sample
Cool Talk Sample
Nature’s Trail Sample

Price: $9.95 CAD

The background music for both CD’s was composed and integrated by renowned artist Sharon Howarth-Russell